apesite 2.0
Ape Runner team...

Meet the apes behind apeworks' latest endeavour...


Bod is the apeworks engine, and has clocked up a fair few computer miles over the years and could possibly do with a service. He is our principal coder ape which means that he diligently writes code whenever he has ABSOLUTELY nothing else to do. That said, he is our only hope for progress. In Bod we trust.

Apes gone by...

Eons ago (or a fair few years ago at least), a group of like minded folks decided to gather together with a view to someday creating a game, and thus apeworks was born. Many folks have come and gone over the years but a certain few are still knocking around, here are a few of them...


The Head cheer-leader, Tara's main role is giving enthusiastic support with original comments like "this looks fantastic". She has also been the main barometer for ensuring the ApeRunner platform is completely "idiot-proof". Google maps and Twitter are her new best friends.


The token non-Dub member of the team, Christian has been lobbying for ApeRunner to launch in the real capital and silicon valley of Ireland - Cork. So far rebuffed he is primarily the main sounding board and sanity check for the tech nerds and ideas gurus primarily due to a happy ignorance of the granular specifics of most IT matters. Claims to have been quietly plotting the strategic options for aperunner but so far produced nothing quoting Abraham Lincoln, "I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me".


Dave hosts the linux server in his apartment and installs whatever software Bod needs to apecode on it. We regularly worry that we'll receive a call from Dave saying he's pulled the server rack down on himself. He occasionally upgrades the operating system for no reason and kills the services on it for a few months. And he's never played a computer game in his life.


The ApeRunner team has largely surrendered itself to Sean's self-nominated "team leader" title. Mostly responsible for organising group drinks and Skype chats, he also collects business-speak, eg. "We're leveraging our early mover advantage at the Web 2.0/non-profit nexus point to paradigm shift the fundraising process".


Paul is our tester in residence which doesn't necessarily mean that he tests apecode. He actually tests the theory that he is in fact a tester. With me so far? He has contributed some code - the code that still displays the non-functioning File and Help menus. He has been known to raise a bug report or one (I wish I could say "or two", sorry Paul :P ).


Eefs was enormously enthusiastic about apeworks at the start, when we were designing various things about the engine and, more importantly, trying to come up with the name apeworks. She designed and built the original web site (apesite 1.0). The great white ape (to the right) is in memory of apesite 1.0.


Dónal has contributed to many hours of brainstorming into the early hours of the morning which ultimately led to very little but it wasn't for the want of trying. He's attempted to design some tanks and he's aiming to take a more active part in game testing. The testing will give him plenty of ammo to criticise Bod and see that he is flogged or praised accordingly. This should help make a better game for you good folks. Oh, he also was tagged in as apesite maker and is to blame for a lot of the shoddy things you see before you.


Little John was recruited by Dave, who repeatedly referred to him as the team's first real gamer, much to Paul's chagrin. He showed promise when he modified some game data (he put windows in the buildings, as I recall) without anyone telling him how that was done or, indeed, giving him permission to do so. Like the last person called John on the team, he fled to the other side of the world. He may be missing in a jungle currently. If you spot him please tell someone. You'll know him when you see him.