In the good old days, all XML for models in the Primate was hand-written. I took an evolutionary step recently by downloading an actual XML editor, rather than doing it all in Notepad.

Now, I’ve finally managed to build part of a model in Blender (that’s an actual model editor, people!) and export it to Primate XML.


I just had to run it through a couple of teensy weensy SED statements:

# Points
s/\([-0-9.]\+\) \([-0-9.]\+\) \([-0-9.]\+\),/<point x=”\1″ y=”\2″ z=”\3″\/>/

# Indexes
s/\([-0-9]\+\), \([-0-9]\+\), \([-0-9]\+\).*/<index>\1<\/index><index>\2<\/index><index>\3<\/index>/

Simple, eh? You’d do that in your sleep! It took me less than 2 hours to convert an object!

It doesn’t work properly, of course. Still, great days.

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