apesite 2.0
Danger Balls

Take the helm of the latest in combat technology as you negotiate a series of test in the Danger Balls tournament. Escort a drone vehicle around a challenging course! Defend your base from a tide of balls! Beware at all times the fearsome Danger Balls!

Your worst enemy!

Your most powerful ally!


All stunts were performed by professionals in a controlled environment. No balls were harmed in the making of Danger Balls.


Danger Balls is the first title created using the Primate game engine. Primate would have been state-of-the-art in the 70s and is perfectly suited to producing highly unrealistic tank simulations, featuring:

  • low frame rate!
  • collision detection failures!
  • jittery movement!
  • simplistic, untextured graphics!
  • it goes on like this!
Featured tank

Moth Industries Behemoth M04 Sport

"The workhorse of Moth Industries, the Behemoth entered service in 2002 as the main battle tank in the EU 6th Guards Army. The three-axle Staffon suspension gave the Behemoth good maneuverability over uneven terrain but poor steering response on paved surfaces. Moth introduced the M04-C with twin Militech AMR-10 105mm cannons in 2003 and the M04-Sport for the 2004 Danger Balls trials. The Sport edition features an off-axis Organism Systems Antibody 106mm smooth bore cannon and a Peace Dynamics Piecemaker 5 machine gun."

--courtesy of What Tank? Magazine



Take on up to five other tanks in the most frantic, stylish, action-packed shooter EVER...

...ever written in 2D, in QuickBASIC, in the 90's, by bod. True story!

So no, not that one - this is the QuickBasic game inspired by
Scorched Earth.

It was written long before I had any software education so, for the love of God, don't look at the code. And it was before I had a colour monitor, so the colours are a little funky.

And yes, I thought of the name before they did.

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