apesite 2.0


The Great Ape Run is back - the Wicklow Kennedy Cup team will be scouring three towns in Wicklow back-to-back in one day for their campaign and Crumlin Children’s Hospital. Follow the action here.



In case you didn’t believe me about rayD8, here’s a whole roomful of people not believing me about rayD8.


Old news



Over the past few weeks, I’ve been taking part in the Idea Lab course in the Science Gallery, thrashing out all sorts of ideas for the future of living in cities. My team fashioned some primitive tools from sticks and pointy rocks and put together rayD8, a way of having a conversation about your local area.



Fanfare! Celebrations! The Great Ape Run is back, this time as part of the Science Gallery’s Hack The City exhibition. That’s right, we’ll be rubbing shoulders with the biggest nerdlingers and poindexters in town as we once again pound the streets of Dublin.
Check out our display in the Science Gallery and get in on the action at http://aperun.sciencegallery.com/.



ApeRunner has been open-source since Day 1, but you’d have to be some sort of supersleuth to find it. In the interest of embarrassing myself into improving the code, here it is.

Brace yourself.



Stats from the Galway run:

  • runners:1
  • area covered: 6 sq.km.
  • donors: 9
  • viewers: 8
  • pledges placed: 14, totalling €120
  • pledges collected: €90
  • donations received: €367 *
  • development time: ~40 hours over 2 months
  • developers/designers/web designers: 2
  • cost of cloud computing: €3.88 **

* Yes, that is more than the total collected pledges. Beware having a button that shortcuts the entire game!

** Welcome to Google AppEngine’s new pricing structure.




The Galway Science & Technology Festival hosts its very own Ape Run on Sunday 27th November. Check them out as they gobble up the donations for the Brothers of Charity.

Proooooooouuuuudly powered by apeworks.



Some stats from the Crumlin run:
- runners: 3
- distance covered: ~20km each
- area covered: 6 sq.km.
- donors: 110
- viewers: ~150
- pledges placed: 196, totalling €2241
- pledges collected: €2060
- donations received after 1 week, including other donations: €2042 (99% of collected)
- development time: ~150 hours over 5 months
- developers/designers/web designers: 1
- cost of cloud computing: €0.00



Despite having spent months designing and building the Great Ape Run software and website on the assumption that some other suckers would have to do the running, I’ve somehow been landed with running too. Harsh.

Not to worry, it’s all for the kids. Wish me luck!



The newly minted ApeRunner team (a not wholly owned subsidiary of apeworks) will deploy its first web app into the wild on August 19th 2011 to raise money for The Children’s Medical & Research Foundation. Follow @ApeRunner on twitter for more.